The Problem is Content Distribution, Silly!

Can You Get Your Content Distributed?

Who Sees Your Content?

Who Sees Your Content?

The problem with your content marketing strategy may not be the quality of your content. You may have gone to great trouble and expense to produce high quality articles, videos, and graphics in order to give your website visitors a compelling reason to visit and share your site. But if you cannot get those initial sets of eyeballs on your web pages, you still have a big problem. In fact, this is the biggest problem with many of my clients.

So what if you designed a fabulous website and nobody came? You obviously have a problem with content distribution. In today’s competitive Internet space you cannot rely upon interested visitors just accidentally stumbling upon your great content so they can view your message and then take an action that promotes your business, organization, or personal goals.

Attract More Eyeballs To Your Page

There are several solutions to this problem, but they require some commitment.

  • You need to know the tools exist.
  • You need to develop the knack for using the tools to their fullest potential.

What Content Distribution Tools Can You Start Using Today?

I cannot even compile a complete list because I assume the possibilities are infinite. The tools you will select will also depend upon your own business or organization and your personal comfort level. Here are some ideas that you may have even explored. If they have not been effective for you, it may be time to evaluate your strategy. Lots of people can use a hammer, but some people can really use a hammer!

Online Content Distribution

  • Social Marketing: Have you gone beyond setting up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages, but also studied how successful marketers used these tools?
  • Press Releases: Simply submitting your news story to multiple sites unless you can provide a compelling news story that makes journalists want to pick it up or average Internet browsers want to read it.
  • Guest Posts: Just getting an article on dozens of network blogs is risky. Getting articles posted on authority websites that already have a readership can bring you targeted visitors and a lot of other joys!
  • Niche Directories: Again, there are directories and there are DIRECTORIES! What are the authoritative directories that you actually visit when you want to research your industry or topic? That’s where I’d want my content mentioned.
  • Content Curation Sites: Can you find sites that constantly curate updated news and article feeds. One general example is ZIMBIO, but you can also find effective niche sites. Can you ask to have your content included?
  • Write a Book: This is not far-fetched at all, and it is very effective. You can write and self-publish a short and helpful ebook about your idea or business. This establishes you as the authority. It is easy to self=publish for almost nothing on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Offline Content Distribution

You might be missing the real boat if you only concentrate on online, rather than offline, sources of content distribution. Many really successful online service providers only concentrate on offline methods of gathering new prospects and clients. Their website functions as a super-duper business card, but it usually not the point of first contact.

  • Hold a free class or seminar on your topic. For example, if you are an SEO who would like to gather more local clients, offer a free class to small business owners and managers about ways to make their website more effective. Of course, the final piece in the puzzle will be YOU.
  • Get involved in local business activities. Your city probably has a local Chamber of Commerce or other business networking groups. Show up for some breakfasts and meeting.
  • Sponsor an activity or charity event. You can get your name mentioned both online and offline if you contribute to an activity or fund raiser. This instantly builds brand recognition and trust. Now, you are not just another guy in the rat race – you are a NAME.
  • Include your website address in offline marketing materials. Don’t forget to mention your site on your business cards, stationary, and other print materials.

Get Your Content Marketing Started Today

Hopefully, I have provided some ideas to help you business prosper by getting the message out there.


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