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Ask About Package Rates

Ask About Package Rates

If you made it here, you want content, and I want to be your freelance writer. Spots are limited, so please contact me  with the MyWriteSites contact form about availability and projects. Once we have touched base, I can also provide other communication methods like Skype or a phone number.

You may also want to review my thoughts on why businesses and website owners need quality website content and website promotion. If my plate is absolutely too full to personally take on a new project within your time constraints, I may be able to provide a good quality referral from contacts. These are all college educated, native English speakers like I am.

Website Articles and Blog Posts

These will generally be medium-length articles, suitable for publishing on a web page or blog.  When you make a query, please give me some idea of the topics, expected length, and difficulty.If you have a large project, ask me about package rates and deals too.

  • Easy, requires only general sources: .03 word : For example, a 500 word article would cost you $15
  • Medium, requires a couple of source citations, more detailed specifications: .05 word :For example, a 500 word article would cost you $25.00
  • Hard, requires detailed source citations, lots of research and complex specs: ASK

Online Promotion of My Content

Once my article is published on your website property, I can also offer some promotion to help it stick better. I can try to fulfill special requirements or just create a custom package for you including my personal Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. This gets your message in front of some eyeballs and also generates social signals.

Basic Web Page Promotion: $15

Special Requests: ASK