Great Examples Of Inbound Marketing

What Is Content Marketing?

Inbound Marketing Success!

Inbound Marketing Success!

Inbound marketing, also called content marketing or permission-based marketing, simply defines the distribution of high quality content that helps keep your visitors engaged. It might be helpful to compare inbound marketing to outbound marketing. Outbound marketing tends to consist of traditional forms of advertising like the ones you see on TV or in online banner ads.

Content marketing is the only marketing left... Seth Godin

Consider some of the advantages of using inbound marketing for your own business.

What other type of advertising actually gets cheaper over time? In an era when most companies are trying to streamline their marketing budgets, content marketing makes a lot of sense. Consider some examples of companies who have managed to attract a bigger audience, keep their audience engaged, and sell more products by using content marketing effectively.

Examples Of Inbound Marketing Done Right

Dry definition of content marketing can only take creative people so far. It might be helpful to consider some examples of companies that are effectively using free content to engage their old customers and attract new ones. These examples are major companies, but since the ROI of content marketing is good, you can find plenty of small business using it too.

General Electric’s Economagination

Yes, that GE. This is the company evokes images of Thomas Edison, light bulbs and nostalgiac appliance commercials from the 1950’s.  I like to think that Mr. Edison would be proud because GE has established Economagination. This website promotes a community where people can learn more about alternative energy so they can save money on their utilities and help promote sustainable energy.

Kraft Foods

Yes, that Kraft Foods. This food industry giant also might evoke images of your mom in the kitchen, but they really pioneered content marketing with their community and recipe website. Of course, the recipes use products from the company, and it also engages lots of home cooks. The company says that they enjoy better returns from this cooking community than any other advertising strategy that they use.

How Can Content Marketing Help Your Business?

The right approach to this type of marketing really depends upon your business. A small bakery may grab a bigger online audience by publishing some make-at-home recipes, having a gallery of some custom cakes, and allowing users to publish their feedback and thanks. A pediatrician might have a simple blog with articles about how to cope with a teething baby, potty training strategies, or when a fever should be alarming enough to call the doctor. The correct approach to content marketing really depends upon your business, expected audience, and preferences.

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