Content Marketing : It’s the Only Thing Left On The Net

conversationClients and other Internet marketing associates keep complaining that they have few effective strategies Internet marketing that are really turning out to be effective these days. Well, as Seth Godin – His Royal Highness of Content Marketing – points out – Content Marketing may be the only truly effective strategy left.

  • Internet surfers are mostly ignoring ads
  • Paid campaigns are returning miserable ROIs these days
  • Google has gotten really tough on SEO strategies

What’s an Internet marketer do to about content marketing?

What you should do is become an informative, entertaining, and engaging resource for your target market. This can be achieved through producing great content that visitors will want to see, become in engaged in, and then pass along to other people. That way you can attract a stream of visitors, filter those visitors into prospects, and hopefully make some sales!

This means you have to become a much better marketer. For one thing, you need to figure out what your customers really want. You need to reach out to them and actually have a 2 way conversation instead of just talking at them. You need to talk to them.

Have A Conversation With Your Clients

When you figure out what your potential customers want, provide it. This might mean providing some of it for free. This will help teach them why you are the resource or product provider that they want to use when they have a need that they need filled.  They will give you their permission – AKA permission marketing – to continue the conversation.

If banner ads, PPC search engines, search engine optimization, and other typical forms of Internet advertising have been exhausted, maybe its time to change your game.

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