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How George Takei Took Over The Net

How George Won The Web

How George Won The Web

You may remember him as Sulu from Star Trek, and apparently George Takei is still justifiably proud of his long association with that particular brand. George, you’ll always be the dashing young Star Ship Enterprise helmsman to me. But Mr. Takei has also leveraged that fame for his other projects. These other projects do still include show business, like his new musical Allegiance. They also include social activism and apparently, gathering a legion of eager fans outside of the Trekkie universe.

If for some reason you have missed all of the buzz, you can scoot over to to find him active on the major social networks and at least one giant eCommerce website. You have to give the guy credit. He’s a great pilot.

Now just how did this actor, most famous for a role he played decades ago, build up his brand, achieve content authority, and use effective content distribution – at a very low cost to himself?

Facebook First

Now I am not an expert in all things Takei, but I believe he started by gathering his fans on Facebook. He started with an existing fan base of Trekkies and folks interested in his activism of social rights. That is not the first place where I learned that Mr. Takei is gay, but it is where i learned he had been interred in a US concentration camp for Japanese-Americans as a child.

He says that he learned by regularly posting interesting and sometimes funny observations, graphics, and memes, he could generate lots of activity to his Facebook fan page. It really can be that simply. This activity resulted in lots of likes, shares, and more likes. Once he had established a growing and active fan page, it became easy to slip in a commercial announcement now and then for his musical and Amazon book.

By the way, here is the book: Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet) In this book, George Takei tells us all how he conquered the Internet faster than you can say Klingon.  If you read the book you will see that in another universe George Takei may not just have played the technically savvy Sulu on TV, he might have been somebody like him.

Speaking of Amazon

Suddenly George Takei become on of the celebrities who enjoyed posting hilarious product reviews on Amazon. Not only did he find another place to post content, he helped leverage the retail giant’s own brand authority to build up his own brand. I have noticed other slightly less famous celebrities, like author J.A. Konrath, jumping on his coattails now and then with their own product reviews that appear just below George’s.

How Can This Help Your Own Branding Trek?

Several years ago, Sulu was a lot more famous than Takei. Now the situation has rapidly reversed. You may not be able to start out with a strong fan base, but you can employe some of the same strategies to build your brand.

  • Make lots of people aware of your brand
  • Keep engaging the with interesting or amusing content
  • Leverage other resources to help you
  • Don’t stop


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