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Article Writing: Check Your Point of View for Good Web Content

What’s Your Point of View About Web Content POV? Here’s a thing you might not know about me. I’m sort of an addict to everything associated with A Song of Ice and Fire, or as it is more popularly known because of the HBO TV show, Game of Thrones. Anyway, Game of Thrones and all […]

Great Examples Of Inbound Marketing

What Is Content Marketing? Inbound marketing, also called content marketing or permission-based marketing, simply defines the distribution of high quality content that helps keep your visitors engaged. It might be helpful to compare inbound marketing to outbound marketing. Outbound marketing tends to consist of traditional forms of advertising like the ones you see on TV […]

Content Marketing : It’s the Only Thing Left On The Net

Clients and other Internet marketing associates keep complaining that they have few effective strategies Internet marketing that are really turning out to be effective these days. Well, as Seth Godin – His Royal Highness of Content Marketing – points out – Content Marketing may be the only truly effective strategy left. Internet surfers are mostly […]

Brand Like Sulu

How George Takei Took Over The Net You may remember him as Sulu from Star Trek, and apparently George Takei is still justifiably proud of his long association with that particular brand. George, you’ll always be the dashing young Star Ship Enterprise helmsman to me. But Mr. Takei has also leveraged that fame for his […]

The Problem is Content Distribution, Silly!

Can You Get Your Content Distributed? The problem with your content marketing strategy may not be the quality of your content. You may have gone to great trouble and expense to produce high quality articles, videos, and graphics in order to give your website visitors a compelling reason to visit and share your site. But […]

What Is Authority Content?

Defining Authority Content in A Post-Penguin World One topic that gets mentioned all the time in the context of making a website that will continue to rank high in the search engines because it can pass search engine algorithmic and manual reviews is authority. The days of automatically or even manually spinning (rewriting) articles found […]

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